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Laboratoire des transformations urbaines test english

Laboratoire des transformations urbaines

Created recently by the City of Neuilly, the Lab of Urban Transformations (LTU) is a space for exchanging ideas dealing with theissues of mobility, development and living environment.

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With the recent launch of the Allées de Neuilly project, Avenue Charles de Gaulle has become an extraordinary experimentation field.

This area is currently encountering many major urban constraints. In fact, along this 1,5 km avenue, more than 40,000 people commute to their work daily. On top of that, more than 150,000 vehicles circulate there due to its commercial significance.


To cope with such challenges and to respond to the rising demands of the local community, the LTU aims to address those issues through the integration of technology and innovation. In other words, the management of parking, traffic flows, city heritage and other major projects carried out by the City of Neuilly will be handled with an innovative approach.

The  first challenge is launched

Imagine if it takes you less than 10 minutes to park your car in the area which links Paris and the business district of La Défense !

To turn this into reality, LTU is organizing a conference where all companies regardless of their size and shape are invited to participate and share their insights. 

Come and join us on April, 18 at 9am in Neuilly (welcome coffee from 8:30 am).

Don't forget to register by completing the form below.

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Vous aviez jusqu'au 17 avril 2019 au soir pour vous inscrire à l'événement.

Contact : Anne-Laure MONDON, Chef de projet, Anne-laure.mondon@ville-neuillysurseine.fr  01 55 62 60 11


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